Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Prepare a Travel Plan for a Holiday Trip

Tips To Prepare a Travel Plan

Travel Plan Preparation
Preparing a Travel Plan require little bit of patience and planning. No doubt traveling is one of the best approaches to unwind from stressful life and relax from every day’s busy schedules, but a proper travel plan for holiday trip or business trip would enhance a peaceful holiday or a business trip. Here are some of the tips to prepare a travel plan.

Research and Decide Travel Destination

The first step for a good travel plan is doing some research over the internet about places of visit. Conduct some good research over the web to know best seasons to visit the intended tourist places. Study about current socio-economic conditions either on local news websites or tourism related websites. Check the climatic conditions for the intended period of travel. Read reviews about places, hotels and food etc. Speak to people who have already traveled to know more information. For additional Information do some extra research on internet, read travel magazines or journals. Having first-hand information is always a good approach for a great holiday travel. These are the first and foremost important tips for a better travel plan.

Prepare a Travel Itinerary

Preparing a planned travel Itinerary is an important step for a hassle free travel. Take a pen and paper and note down the following:

a) Write down the important places to visit based on the travel guide and route map, research over the web visiting various travel sites.
b) Write down the possible dates of visiting the intended places.
c) Figure out number of days that would be required to complete the holiday tour based on journey hours, hotel and travel ticket reservations.

Once travel Itinerary planning is completed then proceed to prepare for a right budget and other things.

Plan Budget for Whole Travel

Prepare in advance for sufficient funds to complete a great holiday travel trip. Prepare an approximate budget keeping the main components for travel like travel tickets, hotel stay, car rentals, shopping and other things. Good financial planning becomes an essential preparation for a good travel plan.

Book Travel Tickets, Hotel Accommodation and Car Rentals
Hotel Booking to Prepare a Travel
Every Travel Planning requires advance booking of travel tickets, booking of hotel accommodation and booking of car rentals. Plan these following in advance:

a) Book travel tickets with a reputed travel agency, the one that know about the holiday destination properly and the one that gives good information about the tourist spot.
b) Simultaneosly one can also book tickets on the reliable travel websites for a quick confirmation.
c)  Book hotel accomodation and car rentals simultaneously to avoid confusion and rush at neck of the moment.
d)  Know about the weight of luggage allowed to carry with the airlines.

Prepare a Check List of Items to Carry for the Travel

Prepare a check list of items to carry for the whole of travel trip. It is the best practice to avoid inconvenience and save money. The following are the travel planning check list that would help for a hassle free holiday trip:

a)Local Currencies: Once knowing about the local currencies,it is always better to have them in handy.Prepare in advance to have local currency handy visiting a travel exchange or banks before departure to the intended travel place.
b)Travel Documents: Always check the required travel documents like passport,visa and validity periods etc.
c)Travel Cards like membership cards, Bank Cards, Credit   Cards: As plastic cards are equal essentials like food and water   these days, arrange them properly in a separate wallet if possible,for better convenience during traveling.
d)Electronic Gadgets:List out all the possible required electronic gadgets like cameras,camcorders,camera batteries,camcorder batteries, mobile chargers, Cell Phones, Tablets, Memory Cards, Pen drives or external hard drives etc.
e)Travel Guides and Route Maps: Do not forget to carry travel guides and route maps to avoid confusion.
f)Books and Magazines: Carry favorite books or magazines to read during travel and on waiting lounges to avoid boredom.
g)Snacks and Entertainment Things: It is always better to have snacks handy to avoid hunger packs in leisure times and playing cards on travelling.
h)Medical Prescriptions: Never forget to carry medical prescriptions if on medications.
i )Children Items: If travelling with children prepare all the list of items required for them during travel.

Packing Precautions                           

Proper Packing though not many show interest but it is vital planning aspect for holiday travel. Include packing as one of the important activity for preparing a smooth travel journey. Some of the packing tips are:

a)Baggage Conditions: Check whether travelling bags are in good condition.Are the jibs working properly? Think about the amount of luggage to carry.
b)Carrying Locks: It is better to carry locks for bags for safety of items in the bags.
c)Baggage Restriction: Check with airlines for baggage restrictions, based on this prepare for weight that can be carried.Carry extra bags rather than buying locally for huge prices for shopping purpose or for any other purchased items.

Home Precautions:

Before departing for a holiday travel make sure to take some of these precautions at home.

a)Set Answering Machine: Set answering machine message for incoming messages.
b)Emergency Alarm: Chek emergency alarm working properly or not.
c)Keep Informed about your travel: It is always a good practice to inform loved ones or well wishers about the intended travel like the place of visits,dates of journey either through emails or phone.
d)Informing Bank or Credit Card Issuing Authorities: Inform bank or credit card issuing authorities about travel trip on the intended days of travel in order to have smooth bank or credit card transactions of paying bills and for shopping purpose.This precaution would help blocking of card temporarily on security reasons while on shopping.
e)Clearing the Dust: It is always better to clear all food items on the dinning table and also clear dustbins to avoid bad smell and dirt in the kitchen to ensure hygiene at home.
f)Pet Animals: Assign some body to take care of pets at home to prevent animals from starvation.
g)Vehicle Locking: Take care of locking and parking of vehicles at secure place to avoid burglary.

Recheck the check list before departing: Recheck the entire travel planning check list once again before departure for holiday destination to avoid last minute urgency.

Hope following the above simple travel planning tips would help for a great and a memorable holiday trip.